Development Manager


Development Team:
– Chair Development Meeting Calls with Development Team and maintain agenda.
– Input the Project specific information for the Division Team for the entire Project Cycle into appropriate report(s).
– Represent the Development team in ad hoc and scheduled Corporate meetings as required.
– Provide oversight with all reporting views for completeness (house cleaning).
– Review leases and prepare/coordinate Responsibility Matrix.

Project Team:
– Facilitate and Manager Project timelines and budgets for the Entire Project Cycle.
– Request, review, and approve fee proposals for Architects and Engineers for the project.
– Review and approve surveys, invoices, submittals, materials, and equipment for the project.
– Provide direction to A&E Consultants and Contractors regarding criteria standards for Capital Expenditure Program, and manage Regional and Division Criteria
– Consistently review selection of Project materials and systems to reduce project costs.
– Work with Division Construction Manager and Project Managers on executing the Approved Fixture plan in the project Documents.
– Facilitate the review and approval of the Store Exterior design for Corporate approval.
– Site planning and exterior Design
– Site Engineering (lighting, grades, and all utilities)

Surplus Property Program:
– Coordinate the management of Company Surplus Properties through Closure with Development Team and Surplus Group.
, Tenant sublease, and Surrender Processes.
– Work with Development team on completing Landlord work for Tenant sublease.
– Coordinate the management of the Surrender Process with Development Team and Surplus Group.
– Review and Approve on Corporate Own Surplus properties Property Management Projects approvals.

Example Corporate Programs:
– Starbucks and Bank Coordination on Projects with the divisions.
– Coordination with Division Re-Roofing and other large-scale Projects
– Coordinate Design and construction of cellular towers and solar arrays
– Coordinate Design and construction of Vertical Transportation with A&E Consultants, Contractors, and Manufacturer/Installers.
– Coordinate Exterior and Site plan modification approvals on Leased facilities with Property Managers and Division Construction and Operations.

– Minimum 2 years’ experience in architecture, engineering, or real estate development.
– Bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, or related field
– Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to communicate with client stakeholders, work closely together as part of a team and lead teams and project deliverables.
– Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills with the ability to clearly identify and define problems and develop creative solutions to meet business needs.

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