eCommerce Fulfillment Manager

Experience and Education

  • Graduate of Information Technology / or Business Management / Administration
  • Technical Expertise (software, hardware, & compliance)
  • Requires at least 10 years previous professional leadership / managerial experience specialized in the field of IT.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal / social skills with the ability to work effectively in a matrix organization.
  • Self-starter with an ability to learn beyond formal training, aptitude for delivering quality service.
  • Able to exhibit a high level of confidentiality.
  • Excellent organizational / management skills.
  • Must be able to identify and resolve problems in a strategic and efficient manner.
  • Must be able to gather and analyze information skillfully.
  • Exposed in Strategic business operation (country / regional)

Core Job Functions

The Manager ensures day-to-day operation of a sub-function or function within a single country. This position carries out the high-level responsibilities representing the section / unit and reports to either sub-function heads or function heads located in single country.

  • First level of full people management – leads a team through expertise in most or all areas within a function or mastery of specific professional discipline.
  • Tactical role which provides a marked contribution to defining the direction for new products, processes, standards, or operational plans based upon business strategy, with a significant mid-term impact on business unit overall results.
  • Provides a second level management to a group of one or more teams led by a supervisor/ team leader which in turn could comprise a combination of professional, technical, and administrative staff.
  • Identifies problems and significantly improves, changes, or adapts existing methods and techniques.
  • Reports to Senior Manager / Director level.
  • Support the implementation and control rather than policy and strategy development.
  • Decisions typically impact within the sub-function only.
  • May have small to medium profit and loss responsibility.
  • May have involvement in regional projects, but as a team member rather than project leader.
  • Identifies problems and analyses complex issues to significantly improve, change or adapt existing methods and techniques.
  • Provides a third level of management to a group of one or more teams within a function, which in turn could comprise a combination of professional, technical and administrative staff.
  • Accountable for budget and policy recommendations and implementation, career development of others as well as medium term planning.
  • Assist in determining the strategic direction of functional area within their scope of operation.
  • Typically has management from team lead to supervisor levels and/or individual professionals from intermediate to Principal levels experience.
  • Advocate for high quality standards and compliance.
  • Act as second in command in the absence of Senior Manager / Group Director.
  • Ensures department business alignment (onshore / offshore).
  • Strategic partners in driving the company-wide programs.
  • Supports Employee safety, welfare, wellness, and health.
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