Property Specialist


The qualified candidate will provide support to the Property Manager for designated divisions. The Property Management Team represents the Company with the operation and maintenance of real estate assets to ensure a clean, safe, customer-accommodating environment with long term protection at the most economical rate and in accordance with the governing real estate agreements.

The position will be based in Phoenix, or one of our main regional offices (Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Pleasanton CA, Denver CO, Dallas TX, Chicago, IL, or Fullerton, CA, Phoenix, AZ).


  • Review and research requests from landlords, Property Managers and/or outside parties for changes to the governing real estate documents which might affect the Company’s rights or obligations with respect to building, common area operations and use restrictions. Provide clear, concise recommendations regarding such issues.
  • Process invoices from landlords and vendors in a timely manner.
  • Prepare documents and present them to the Property Manager for approval.
  • Coordinate maintenance projects with landlords and/or property managers.
  • Analyze common area maintenance (CAM), budgets and prepare recommendations for cost savings by comparing billed expenses to governing real estate agreements.
  • Negotiate with billing parties to resolve disputes that arise from billing analysis. Prepare and present invoices to the Property Manager for final payment approval.
  • Process, reconcile, forecast, and monitor CAM costs, payments, and savings.
  • Perform monitoring and analysis of prior CAM charges to facilitate accurate forecasting of future CAM costs which assists the Property Manager and Division Finance Manager in their guidance/forecasting processes.
  • Coordinate with Property Accounting and Legal Department personnel in the management of tenant accounts with respect to common area maintenance costs, timely collections, and lease administration duties. Make recommendations to escalate collection efforts for the Property Manager on a case-by-case basis.
  • Responsible for coordinating special projects assigned to the department such as store recycling programs, parking lot initiatives, ATM’s or in-store banks, seasonal sales in the common area, licensees such as espresso bars operating from Company stores, or other value-added programs desired by the Company.
  • Responsible for mail handling, invoice tracking and budget assistance.


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